Safe and happy homes for all pets

Workers and volunteers at shelters work tirelessly to care for and rehome millions of pets each year. They are the primary caregivers for the most desperate animals in our communities. Unfortunately, they struggle to raise the necessary funds to support their work.

We wanted to help

When we learned that up to 60% of pet shelter funding comes from licence sales but that just 13% of pet owners comply with mandatory registration laws, our mission was born.

Since 2014, DocuPet has partnered with local shelters and communities to increase pet licence sales, decrease workload, and build programs that reduce shelter stays.

By providing you with better pet tags, a free lost pet service, and transparent information about pet care in your community, we hope that pet licence registration is now as valuable to you as it is to local animal welfare.

So, thank you for being a key part of the solution.

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